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Imagine walking into a room where no one spoke your language. How would you communicate? How much would you understand? If you were searching for gold, would you be able to spot the difference between real and fake, and how many times would you wind up with fool’s gold before you gave up entirely?

All too often businesses focus on sales alone. They speak the language of professionals, but fail to follow through. This happens in all businesses and industries. But, there are people who are good. There are businesses that charge a fair rate and would rather you understand the transaction, focused on relationships and success, and not the bottom line. Whether we’re dealing with a plumber, dentist, mechanic, or electrician—integrity is important. We rely on honest individuals and place our trust in them.

Within the Local SEO industry, the influx of good and bad is no different. Many companies have jumped on the bandwagon of “Google Local” using deceptive business practices, ultimately giving the industry a bad name. Through the use of auto dialers and mass emails, these businesses make promises they can’t possibly keep. Yes, there are a multitude of legitimate SEO businesses out there, but these are often corporate focused. These are large firms, serving major corporations that entail high overhead costs afforded through charging corporate clients thousands upon thousands of dollars monthly. Many local companies that are small to medium sized are then priced out of the SEO market.

But that doesn’t have to be the case.


At On The Level SEO, we appreciate and understand that our clients put their faith in us. They trust us to be honest and to have integrity. As a family owned small business, our business model allows us to offer small and medium sized local businesses the same level of service, quality, and expertise that the big SEO firms offer, at a fraction of the cost.

With that in mind, we are committed to transparency. We want our clients to know that SEO/SMM are not simple. Rather, they are labor and time intensive which will require that some functions be outsourced to our expert SEO team members living abroad in order to generate the results at a price that is affordable—particularly as it relates to the technical aspects of our business model. This ensures that we are able to offer our services at a price that is affordable to our clients.

While there are no guarantees for search engine results and keyword rank, those businesses that rank well do so for a reason. It is because they have invested in SEO/SMM. In fact, in the world of SEO/SMM, there is a direct correlation between effort and success. Your online presence in relation to your competition is directly related to the investment. If you invest in SEO/SMM and outwork your competitor, you should ultimately outrank them.

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